To know EXACTLY when to kiss a woman

To know EXACTLY when to kiss a woman ...

Parisian nightlife is very lively ...

And I learned a lot by seducing pretty women from all over the world during my years of intensive dating in the clubs of the capital.

Today, I am going to reveal to you a fundamental thing that I understood during this phase of my life ...

Most of the pretty women I dated had been offered exceptional gifts and plans by other men who were wealthier, more famous, or more connected.

“All expenses paid” trips to the end of the world… parties in the most exclusive clubs in New York or London… Shopping afternoons in luxury boutiques, etc…

And clearly, I was no match on this ground.

So I said to myself that I had to bet on something else ...

I came to understand - not least from my reading on evolutionary psychology - how to seduce these exceptional women on a much less superficial, much deeper level.

Because if you want a great girlfriend - the kind of beautiful, charming, cute, smart girl that all other men want - you CANNOT play the game by the same rules as all other men.

The competition is too tough if you follow the same approach as everyone else.

That's what I ended up understanding ...

And today, when I see an armored guy who tries to bribe a woman to go out with him by offering him the moon… I say to myself: "what a badger, he didn't understand anything".

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To seduce and keep a great girlfriend, you have to trigger a deep desire and attraction in her mind and heart.

And I've come up with a step-by-step system that lets you do just that…
From the moment you meet her until the moment she becomes your regular girlfriend.

And speaking of a crucial step, I will now explain how to finish a first date well.

It is an awkward and complex moment for most men ...

Should you take her in your arms? Kiss him on the mouth? Trying to bring her home?

Well at this time, men tend to either lose their nerves and screw up their goodbye… or to try to kiss the girl directly on the mouth.

And what's IMPORTANT to understand is that a woman expects you to have one of these two behaviors.

But keep in mind that if you want a woman to really want to date you, that the thought will obsess her ...

You must be different .

You have to make her wonder about you , that she thinks of you when you are not with her.

Because if she is wondering about you, your intentions, your feelings… If she spends time thinking about you… Then she is not thinking about other men!

YOU are the one who occupies his brain.

To talk to you more specifically:

If two men - Seb and Julien - have their sights set on a girl…
And she knows that Seb likes her… But that she is not sure to please Julien…
She will naturally spend more time thinking about Julien.

She will say to herself: "Shit, all the guys I meet fall for me in two snaps of the fingers ... But not Julien. What did I do wrong? Why am I not attracting him? "

So even if you're competing with richer or more handsome guys, it's pretty easy to become the one that the woman you desire is constantly thinking about and who she ends up falling for.

I have created a "step by step" system that any man can use to achieve this with a woman.

And here is a very small extract of this system, which allows you to end your first dates on a high note:

We assume that you are a gentleman and that you wait for her taxi with her or that you accompany her back to her house ...

As she prepares to get into her taxi or walk through the door of her building, lean towards her to kiss her… Directly on the cheek.

Do NOT attempt to kiss her on the mouth.

After that, take your distance, look her straight in the eye and say, with a playful little smile:

“I had a great time with you tonight. We will have to do it again! "

And do not add anything else.

Do not say something like "I hope we will meet again". Don't try to get her to commit to a date for the next date.

What I noticed - because all the women have told me - is that by doing this, the girl is really asking herself the question:

"Does he like me?" "

When a man lets his nerves catch up with him and gives his "goodbye" or tries to kiss the girl directly on the mouth ... She knows what to expect. The mystery is dead.

She said to herself: “Ok, he likes me. Him, I can have him if I want… I took the power in the relationship ”.

But when it is YOU who take the initiative to kiss him on the cheek and say it lightly it would potentially make you revisit ... You leave it in doubt.

She will think about you for the rest of the evening… and the next day.

Believe it or not, this uncertainty is PLEASANT for her.

The emotional roller coaster your behavior causes releases dopamine in his brain… And that positive feeling is going to be associated with YOU.

And the more a woman thinks of YOU, the more space you take in her thoughts, the more she will become addicted to you.

It was by using these kinds of strategies that I was able to get away with the bombs that all the other guys wanted ...

And if you start using them too, you will take control of your relationships with women ...

Because you will be basing your seduction on psychological principles which are biologically "imprinted" in the brains of women by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

It doesn't matter who the other men are hitting on the one you like. If they don't use these techniques, don't follow these fundamentals, you will come out a winner . It's that simple.

Hope you enjoyed this article! I find it all fascinating ...

It's amazing how easy it is to attract and keep a quality woman once you know these “secrets” and how to use them to take control of the dating process.

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