To know EXACTLY when to kiss a woman

To know EXACTLY when to kiss a woman ...

Parisian nightlife is very lively ...And I learned a lot by seducing pretty women from all over the world during my years of intensive dating in the clubs of the capital.Today, I am going to reveal to you a fundamental thing that I understood during this phase of my life ...
Most of the pretty women I dated had been offered exceptional gifts and plans by other men who were wealthier, more famous, or more connected.“All expenses paid” trips to the end of the world… parties in the most exclusive clubs in New York or London… Shopping afternoons in luxury boutiques, etc…And clearly, I was no match on this ground.So I said to myself that I had to bet on something else ...I came to understand - not least from my reading on evolutionary psychology - how to seduce these exceptional women on a much less superficial, much deeper level.Because if you want a great girlfriend - the kind of beautiful, charming, cute, smart girl that all other men want - you CA…

6 Alternative YouTube Apps That Are Worth Testing

 There are tons of YouTube alternatives out there, especially on popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS. These offer a wide range of services in addition to basic video sharing, including downloading and converting videos. In this article, we test six of the most popular YouTube alternative apps for Android and iOS platforms.

The 6 best alternative apps to YouTube

 1. Snaptube

Supported Operating System: Android
Snaptube is the only YouTube app alternative on this list that will let you stream and download high quality videos for free. Snaptube is a free Android app with a simple and intuitive interface that primarily serves as a platform for downloading YouTube videos. You can use it to search, view and download up to 10 videos (simultaneously) with quality levels up to 4K.

Snaptube does not limit downloads to YouTube only. You can download HD videos and audio files from Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud and other popular sites.

How to use Snaptube on Android phones

As mentioned earlier, Snaptube is the most intuitive video player and downloader you can find on the internet. You can watch and download high quality videos and music on dozens of platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. To start using it, download the app here or from the official Snaptube website. Follow the wizard for installing and launching the application.

To find and watch movies and videos on the app, you can select one of the many pre-configured video streaming websites on the home screen. If you want to add a video website which is not listed, just tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen, insert a custom ID and URL, and then save the link so you have easier access to the next time.

When you start playing a video, a download button will automatically appear, allowing you to download the video or music file.

2. ProTube

Supported operating system: iOS

Apple's iOS platform is one of the most restrictive mobile platforms when it comes to what can be published on the App Store. ProTube is one of the few YouTube alternatives allowed in the store, and for good reason. ProTube offers a ton of extra features for YouTubers, including 4K video playback, audio-only and background playback, 60fps, and a polished user interface that almost gives the official YouTube app a hard time.

Also, if you wince every time an ad pops up while watching a video on your YouTube app, ProTube might give you some comfort. There are no ads or other forms of pop-ups, but you will need to purchase a subscription for all small freebies.

3. Vimeo

Supported operating system: Android and iOS

Vimeo is a popular video sharing and publishing platform that has always been a major competitor to YouTube. In addition to the web platform, Vimeo is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. Vimeo allows users to view crisp, clear videos in 1080p HD quality without the annoying ads and pop-ups of native YouTube apps on iOS and Android.

Users can also manage their videos, share them privately with other users, and even explore hours and hours of new videos, all for free.

youtube app alternative

4. Floating Tube

Supported Operating System: Android

Floating Tube is another popular YouTube alternative that allows Android users to watch videos without taking up too much screen space. The app is designed more like a mobile website that presents you with a pop-out window whenever you play a video through the app. The pop-up can be resized, moved, and even brought back into the app if you don't need it.

Floating Tube is the perfect addition for those of us who swear by multitasking. If you are watching a video on the app and a Facebook or WhatsApp message appears, you can easily switch between these apps and even send messages while watching your videos.

youtube alternative app

5. Video Hub

Supported Operating System: Android

Video Hub is a video aggregator that brings together videos from all popular video sharing sites on one platform. Users have access to these videos through a powerful search engine that finds and streams free and paid videos from Netflix, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

Video Hub also allows to use an efficient video and audio player which allows you to stream videos within the app in different video qualities, depending on your needs.

alternative application youtube

6. Vidme

Supported operating system: Android and iOS

Launched in 2014, Vidme is one of the latest players in the video sharing and hosting scene. Vidme is basically a hosting service that brings together the best elements of YouTube with the community aspects of the social site, Reddit. Vidme consists of a large community of professional and novice video creators who post and share all kinds of videos within the video sharing community.

Each user can create channel, download videos, support other video creators and search for videos from their Android and iOS phones, making this platform one of the most user-friendly video sharing sites on the internet. .


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